Knowing the right time when to quit at online poker

When you are playing online poker, you should know when to quit. If you quit at the right moment you will be able to win and go with contentment. There is no need for you to wait to quit until your bankroll runs out. The most important thing is to learn and persist in the games. And not get too much possessive about winning more.

You should decide first, that whether you are playing poker online for money or hobby. If it is for a hobby, you have nothing to lose. Just have fun and quit at the right time before going bankrupt. And if you are playing for money, play sensibly with all strategies and wit. And if it doesn’t work, just quit for that day. Like a professional knows that there are ups and downs in career. You should also be acquainted with poker’s loss and win. The following points would give you a more extensive idea about quitting.

  • Stop the decay – When you are losing, it is the most obvious time to quit the poker session. People find it difficult to quit especially when they have stuck a lot of money in the game. They try to get back the invested money back and hence end up in longer sessions. It will be a good practice to quit when you have lost a small amount. Losing 10 buy-ins should be alarming. And you should quit even if you don’t want to. This will save you from losing more. You will be able to stop more decaying. Suppose you lose 1000 big blinds and have a target to win 50 big blinds per hour, you will have to pay for 20 hours. And you know that is not feasible. So it would be best to just quit at that moment. Press the power button and go for a walk or do whatever you like. Because now you know that you are making unreal expectations. So, just great afresh and start again later.
  • Tilt – If you are vulnerable to tilting, you should know to quit the game at the right time. It will be beneficial for you to sustain long term win-rate. Recognizing tilt and getting control over it is one of the skills of a good poker player. Most of the skilled players couldn’t make it to the top due to being tilt prone. They kept doing tilt sessions after a bad call till they went bankrupt. The key is when you find that you are making plays that you wouldn’t generally makes if you win. You should take a step back and switch off your PC as soon as possible.

Don’t quit when you are winning. When you win, you play with more confidence and that is when your opponents would play poorly. So at that time you should play more and win the money that you have lost. In a winning situation, knowing the perfect time to quit is one of the important factors in maximizing your profits. It is one of the essential skills that will help you to win big.

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